A Safari In The Murchison Falls National Park In Uganda: Everything You Need To Know.

A Safari In The Murchison Falls National Park In Uganda: Everything You Need To Know.

A safari in Uganda calls for a visit to the most visited national park in the country. A good question could be why should I visit? Well, this article will talk about some of the fun and adventure you should expect when visiting Murchison falls national park for your memorable holiday, honeymoon or any other special occasion.

Brief about the park.

The park was gazetted as a national park by the British colonial administration in 1952 covering an area of 3,893 km2 (1,503 sq mi). the park is well known for its cascading falls, divert in plant and animal species and overall amazing outdoor safari experience with nature walks, bird watching, hiking, chimp tracking, and board cruises.

Attractions in the Murchison falls national park.


The park is home to 76 species of mammals including lions, Buffalos, Rothchild’s giraffes, Elephants, Uganda Kob, chimps


The park is home is to 450 known bird species including the shoebill which rare. The best months to carry out birding are January-March and December-February with the weather providing little rain which makes the roads easily accessible. Some of the birds you will see include Shoebill, African Darter, Long-toed Plover, Veracious Dove, dwarf kingfisher


The Nile.

The Nile which runs from Jinja Uganda to Egypt can be found within the park, it is home to crocodiles, hippopotamus and different birds and animals specify can be seen while taking board cruises that can be arranged by the king travel company.


Game drives

The game drives will provide you with the opportunity to see different birds and animals such as Jackson hartebeests, Lions, Kobs, Giraffes, Hyenas, Bushbucks, and Warthogs, Buffaloes, Antelopes these can be found in the delta area, buligi peninsular, Albert and Victoria tracks. This will bring you up close to nature. The game drives can be done all throughout the year and it is best done in the morning hours starting at 6:30 am. Night game drives start at 4 pm to provide the night experience of being with nature up-close.

Hot air balloon experience.

You don’t have to enjoy the park just from below, you can tour the park from the air using a hot air balloon that will provide you with breathtaking views across the park.

Hot air balloon safari costs between 380 and 400 USD.

Nature Walks and Hikes

Nature walks will bring you up close the nature in the park. You can have walks in robongo forest where you will be able to several primates such as chimps and black and white colobus and kanyiro pabidi where you can find chocolate-backed kingfishers. Visitors can also access the top of the falls where you will be able to come close to the roaring falls.

Other extremely fun activities you will do in the pack include cultural tours in the local communities where you will meet the mubako and enjoy campfires, you will visit the craft shop by boomu women’s group for taking back home.

Boat cruises can be undertaken along the Nile, here you see the hippopotamus, crocodiles and different bird species. You can also carry out fishing either by boat or by walking down from the top of the falls which requires some fitness to the gorge which can take 45 minutes.



The camp has different accommodation areas ranging from $500 to $50 with options such as campsites, lodges, hotels, and guesthouses. The accommodation comes in luxury, mid-range and budget. King travel will book accommodation on your behalf depending on your unique needs.

Accommodations include Kaniyo Pabidi Camp, Red Chilli Camp Murchison Falls, Nile safari lodge Murchison Falls, Paraa safari lodge, Sambiyariver and Chobe safari lodge 

What to expect from king travel company limited?

We always endeavour to provide our clients with a very good journey and tour experience. What makes us unique is that we can customize your tour package to meet your needs. We also offer discounts for groups and also, and we assist with setting up the whole safari process starting from booking a flight, booking a hotel, park fees and other activities as desired by you so that you receive a hustle-free safari experience.

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